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Coker's Creations

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to come and take a peek at our creations. We are Husband and Wife Artists, John and Claire Coker, based in the beautiful surroundings of North Devon. 


Claire's Creations

Claire has always had a love for animals and is fascinated by the vast amount of forms, colours and personalities of each individual creature. She aims to capture this through her use of pen and ink creations. Capturing the finer detail in her pen work and the beauty and personality of each creature with her expressive ink painting. Claire's work began with her fabulous fish paintings, thus Fabulously Fishy was born. Claire has created several images of the hidden beauties which lie beneath our Seas and oceans, aiming to capture the character and vibrancy of colour of each sea dwelling creature. More recently, Claire has begun to study other wildlife, in particular, birds. There are many similarities between fish and birds, vibrant colours, fine lines, beautifully patterned markings, and of course, individuality. New for 2019 is Claire's Fabulously Feathered range, a collection of characterful, charming, colourful birds. Claire is also passionate about line work, especially architectural lines and is drawn to historical buildings, churches and houses. Claire has created several personalised commissions for clients who wished to have special places captured in Claire's style of work.

John's Creations

 John has a passion for 3D work and re-purposing objects, materials found on our local beaches or items which have been tossed aside.  His aim is to bring these objects, materials back to 'life' by using them to create beautiful sculptures and wall art. He is heavily influenced by Mother Nature and his love for love for carving, sculpting and moulding, brings about some spectacular one- off pieces.  

Claire's Personalised Artworks

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Claire's Perosnalised Artworks